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OPCO signs a 26 million-dollar passenger ship deal Date | 2011/06/20 Hits | 2203
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OPCO signs a 26 million-dollar passenger ship deal


Oriental Precision & Engineering (“OPCO”) has signed a 26 million-dollar turn-key deal with BITS Assets Pty Ltd. of Australia for three I/T 1,000-ton class RO-RO vehicle and passenger vessels.


This US$26 million-dollar deal equals 8.6% of whole 2010 sales figure by OPCO, and the construction is to begin with DNV’s first payment to OMI in Dalian, China; and the three vessels will be delivered in succession by January 15, 2012.


The RO-RO vehicle is 83.13-meter long, 16-meter wide, and 3.95-meter deep; and carries both passengers and cars on board.


OMI specializes in building special-purpose marine vessels including the accommodation work barges, deck boxes, floating docks, and deck cargo vessels. With the company’s extensive experience and technology behind them, the RO-RO vessel will be built tough, durable, and to be energy-efficient and economical.

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