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OMI christens JSK-D1006 Coal Carrier Date | 2011/10/31 Hits | 3159
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OMI, an Oriental Precision & Engineering subsidiary, christens JSK-D1006 Coal Carrier


October 12, 2011. OMI, an Oriental Precision & Engineering (“OPCO”) subsidiary, held a christening ceremony for the 12.9K coal carrier commissioned by Jaya Samudra Karunia Shipping of Indonesia.


About 50 attendants witnessed the ceremony, including Mr. Seo, the president of OPCO; Mr. Lee Seok-cheol, the vice-chairman of OMI; Mr. Jung Sang-gyu, of JSK; and the executives and staff members.


The ceremony started at 11:38 with the congratulatory addresses from the companies’ CEOs, and the awards were given to those who played important roles in this project. The ship was christened with the name “Jaya Amara” and the honor was done by Mrs. Reny Juniarty, the wife of Mr. Jung Sang-gyu.


The JSK-D1006 is a 12.9-DWT coal carrier went under construction with the steel-cutting ceremony last August, followed by keel laying on November 10. The ship was launched in June 24 this year, and is to be delivered to JSK on October 20th.


Right after the naming ceremony, OMI hosted the launching ceremony for the D1007, the vessel to succeed D1006.

The procedures for the launching ceremony was simplified—following the delivery of D1006, the JSK-D1007-COC was brought on to the floating dock, and the dock was drowned to float the ship.

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Photo: Christening of JSK-D1006 Coal Carrier, October 12, 2011.


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Photo: JSK-D1006 Coal Carrier, floating alongside the OMI dock.

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Photo: JSK-D1007 Coal Carrier launching ceremony



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