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OPCO secures a 22-million dollar construction deal Date | 2011/10/31 Hits | 4572
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Oriental Precision & Engineering secures a 22-million dollar construction deal


Oriental Precision & Engineering (“OPCO”) has secured a 22-million dollar deal to deliver an accommodation work barge from PT.EKA Nusantara Line of Indonesia. The barge which can accommodate up to 300 crew members is to be constructed by OMI in China, and delivered by September 2012.


The need for offshore accommodation structures is high, with the recent rise in the development of offshore underwater resources. OPCO has been building the offshore plant support vessels since 2007, and with the knowledge, technologies, and experience the company has gained for the last 30 years of building deck houses and other offshore superstructures, OPCO is now the major name in the offshore accommodation/work barge construction.


The barge will dock alongside the offshore plant, to provide the crew and workers a comfortable, pleasant living environment. Since 2008 OPCO has constructed three of such structures.

OMI, an OPCO subsidiary in China, has a history of delivering two accommodation work barges and three deck boxes, and at OPCO’s Jinhae manufactory, the living quarter commissioned by Hyundai Heavy Industries is being constructed.



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Photo: SD-H801-AB, the barge OPCO has delivered in November 2008.


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Photo: SD-H802-AB, delivered by OPCO in August 2009


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